Couples Therapy

Jonathan D. Rapp, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, PY7348

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy provided by a qualified psychologist is an effective means of addressing the underlying problems that prevent couples from experiencing the passion and tenderness that characterize fulfilling relationships.  Couples therapy is a collaborative process of intentionally transforming relationships by resolving interpersonal conflict, building trust, strengthening emotional bonds, and establishing satisfying relational patterns.  Couples therapy can be applied in several forms to help couples in a variety of situations.  

Couples Therapy is for couples that are in severe crisis, chronic discord, or who who just sense that their relationship could use a "tune up."  Emotional distance, recurrent conflict, betrayal, and infidelity are often the symptoms of deeper issues.  Couples therapy is an effective means addressing the root cause of these symptoms, recovering from their effects, and rebuilding a healthy and satisfying relationship.    

Premarital Counseling is appropriate for couples considering marriage who that want to invest in laying the foundation for a healthy and satisfying marriage that can last a lifetime.  Unfortunately, most engaged couples devote far more time, money, and effort to preparing for their wedding day than for their life-long marriage.  Premarital counseling is a way to invest in a relationship that will last beyond the wedding day.  

Conjoint Therapy is for couples who want to work together to overcome emotional or behavioral problems (e.g. PTSD or porn addiction) that rob one or both partners from the peace, joy, freedom and intimacy that they desire.

Dr. Rapp targets the root cause of relationship conflict and emotional disconnection using proven methods of relationship healing and strengthening.  Couples therapy works by helping you and your partner:

  • Establish a deeper dialogue at a feelings level
  • Replace anger and frustration with understanding and compassion
  • Identify unmet needs and meet them
  • Shift out of negative interaction patterns and into positive ones
  • Develop a deep emotional bond
  • Become more open, attuned, and responsive to each other

Take the next step toward having a relationship full of passion and tenderness by calling Dr. Rapp at (561) 223-1707 to set up an appointment. 
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